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Montessori Sensory Toys Tactile Classification Game


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Meet the perfect toy for tactile learning

Let your kid discover a world of textures with our Montessori wooden discs. They represent various real-life materials like foam and leather. Children learn to recognise them only by feeling. This contributes to the improvement of their sensory memory.

Practical Knowledge – The wooden pieces offer hands-on education where every touch is a lesson. This activity helps children understand things around them.

Skill Building – As kids interact with our Montessori toy, they improve hand-eye coordination. It’s necessary for performing everyday tasks such as writing, drawing, sports, etc.

Worry-Free Experience – The well-being of your little one is of the utmost importance to us. The discs’ smooth edges and non-allergic materials ensure a safe playtime. Children can freely explore, touch, and learn.

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Montessori Sensory Toys Tactile Classification Game