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Wooden Educational Jigsaw Cartoon Puzzle for Kids


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Boost your child’s growth piece by piece

Our wooden jigsaw puzzle is an introduction to the vibrant world around us. It has a positive impact on children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. Thanks to the small size and bright colours, this toy is perfect for young learners. They stay interested and enthusiastic during the whole time.

Skill Building – Children improve their fine motor skills by picking up and placing each puzzle piece. They are necessary for performing tasks such as writing or drawing. This activity also stimulates a better understanding of spatial relationships.

Enhanced Concentration – Solving a puzzle requires patience and focus. It encourages a child to slow down and attend to the details. Later in life, this will contribute to developing problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Long-Lasting Use – Made of wood, our game withstands any impact and keeps its appearance over time. It will be part of your child’s life for years to come.

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Airplane, Ambulance Car, Bug, Butterfly, Cow, Dinosaur, Elephant, Police Car, Rabbit, Rooster, Whale, Zebra

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Wooden Educational Jigsaw Cartoon Puzzle for Kids