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Wooden Rainbow Ring Stacker Stacking Tower


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Encourage your child to learn during the play

Our stacking tower is like a rainbow made from wood. It provides a fun and engaging task for the youngest ones. This Montessori toy also increases the range of the children`s abilities. It helps them develop cognitive functions, including memory, concentration and critical thinking. All the elements feature smooth edges, ensuring a safe environment.

SKILL BUILDING – By placing rings on the stack, children enhance hand-eye coordination. This is important for many things in life, like catching a ball, using a fork, or even drawing a picture. Our toy also improves their fine motor skills — small, precise movements with hands and fingers. They are necessary for routine activities such as using scissors, holding a pencil, and doing buttons. So, this wooden tower is not just about playing. It actually sets a strong development foundation.

EYE-CATCHING DESIGN – The bright rings grab a child’s attention and stimulate their visual senses. This educational toy also contributes to teaching colours in a playful manner.

SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT – When kids finish building the stacking tower, they experience happiness and satisfaction. This positive feeling helps them feel more confident and ready to try new things. Our Montessori toy is a playful way to show that hard work results in success.

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Wooden Rainbow Ring Stacker Stacking Tower