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Woodpecker Feeding Montessori Motor Skill Toy


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Let your child dive into imaginative play

Bright, eye-catching colours of our woodpecker toy instantly captivate little ones. Every interaction brings much delight and enhances essential skills. Made of durable materials, our toy guarantees long-lasting use. A perfect blend of entertainment and learning for many years to come.

ENHANCED DEVELOPMENT – This toy helps children build a strong link between what they see and do. It is vital for physical activities and tasks like writing or tying shoelaces. It also improves fine motor skills — the movements in smaller muscles like hands and fingers.

KNOWLEDGE BOOST – This playful introduction to nature can lead to broader discussions about different ecosystems. Such toys inspire curiosity in children and make them wonder about the world around them.

SAFE USE – Our Montessori toy prioritises the well-being of your little one. The pieces’ smooth edges and non-allergic materials ensure a safe playtime. Children can freely explore, touch, and learn.

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Woodpecker Feeding Montessori Motor Skill Toy